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An animated stop-motion black comedy about the world’s second oldest man.

Cast & Crew

Second to None Movie - Cast and Crew

              Writer / Director    Vincent Gallagher
                            Producer    Damian Farrell
                  Lead Animator    Jason Watts
       Production Designer    Aoife Noonan
                             Puppets    Pierre Butler
                            Costume    Laura Anne Moone, Miriam Donohue
                          Composer    St Francis Hotel
               Vocal Performer    Morgan C. Jones
                         Characters    Frederick Butterfield, Herman Butterfield


Second To None is my first ever attempt at stop-motion animation. Everything you see in the film was hand made and all shot practically in camera in a small dark studio over the course of six months.

It was my idea to show that ambition can drive a person to desperation if all they crave is fame and success. I also wanted to show how the simplest approach can often be the best, but I wanted to show it by choosing the most complicated way to animate a film.

Vincent Gallagher - Second to None Movie 

Vincent is a storyteller, no matter what the medium. ‘Second to None’ is Vincent's first fully animated short film, and his first venture into stop frame animation. Always a believer in exploring the best ways to tell a story, Vincent has earned a reputation for diving head first into new challenges with a strong visual eye for detail.

Vincent's previous film, ‘Love Is a Sting’ (Written by Oscar® winner Benjamin Cleary - ‘Stutterer’) is currently also qualified for the 2017 Academy Awards® in the Best Short (Live Action) catagory and has won 4 awards to date including the 60th Cork Film Festival as well as being nominated at home for the prestigious Irish Film and Television Awards.